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"He made the Laver of copper, and its base copper,from the mirrors of the legions.......(38:8) (The Laver was a copper basin from which the priests were required to wash their hands and feet before the service)

The Rabbis (zecher Labrocha) learn that the copper used to make the Laver was from the mirrors the woman used to adorn themselves in order to encourage their enslaved husbands to procreate.Even these the woman did not withhold from the Mishkan.G-d told Mosha to accept these mirrors because in G-ds eyes they are more precious than anything else donated. (Refer to Rashi) We can learn Bezer HAsh. a very valuable lesson from these copper mirrors....

The way a person looks at an object and uses an object has the ability to transform it from being ordinary household objects to holy spiritually infused objects..All objects can be used for good or chos vesholom evil, depending upon the persons perspective.

A person must develope an "Eyin Tov" (a beneficial eye or perspective) to be able to look at any object and see the potential good inherent in it. The Jewish woman understood that through these mirrors a nation will be born and multiplied.By developing a "good eye", it will perhapes help us look at the world differently,and thus bring more holiness into our lives.
Have a good Shabbos.


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