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This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father, Nachman Shimon ben Yehuda Meir Hakohan, Z"L.


"..................................And Joseph was of beautiful form, and fair to look upon." (39:6)

After being purchased by Potifar, Joseph proved to be very advantageous to his master and his master prospered. Joseph was thereby appointed head of Potifars household and affairs..............................Rashi comments that Joseph began to see himself as a ruler and started to eat ,drink and beautify himself by curling his hair.G-d then said, " Your father (Jacob) is in mourning for you ,and you (Joseph) have the audacity to curl your hair". I (G-d) will incite Potifars wife against you..................(end of Rashi). Immediately Potifars wife had begun a campaign to persuade Joseph to commit adultery with her.........and a whole new set of problems developed for Joseph. >From this we can ,Bezrat Hashem, learn a very valuable lesson as follows: A person should never try to evade or elude the suffering of another person . Many terrible occurrences happened to Joseph, and he now finally found some solace in his (G-d given ) success in Potifars household,however , he should have still felt his fathers pain and minimize his pleasure. The following original parable can perhapes illustrate this very point: A King once ruled a certain land.However,there was a great famine in the land, and water was extremely scarce. This king was, of course, used to a luxurious lifestyle that included bathing a number of times a day with vast amounts of water. The King,however, would not hear of the prospect of atleast minimizing his bathing activities despite the famine. He continued to waste the last remnants of his countries water supply carelessly . In a short time, the King soon realized to his dismay that there existed not even a small flask of water for him to even drink........................Even if life is good for a person presently (with the grace of G-d),one can never turn a blind eye to the sufferings of others (CHAS VESHOLOM), but must do that which is neccessary to try to alleviate the pain of the needy. King David wisely wrote in Psalms 41:2,"Happy is he that considers the poor; G-d will deliver him in the day of evil". When one helps others, it can only enhance the good fortune one enjoys presently.......Have a good Shabbos


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