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"and Leahs eyes were tender............"(29:17)

Rashi comments that since Leah was the oldest sister, she thought that she would be married to Esaw, and thus cried since Esaw was so evil (refer to Baba Basra 123A-----she cried untill her eyelashes fell out. In addition, when the verse in 29:31 states that "when Has. saw that she was hated......" it means that when Has. saw how much Leah hated Esaws actions, and thus devastated by the prospects of marrying such an evil man, Has. had rewarded Leah with children even before Rachel......)

We can learn, bezer Has., a very valuable lesson from Leah Immanu in how much a person should cultivate a sense of hatred towards evilness, and the rewards of such a hatred. A person that abhores evilness has in essence a strong appreciation and sensibility for goodness....... To hate evilness so much that it can cause one such physical pain , as Leah Immanu, requires the ability to be able to distinguish between evil and good.......Such an ability is surely a proper and fiting foundation for the building of the Jewish People, namely the 12 tribes......Leah Immanu was such a foundation...........Have a good Shabbos.....


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