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"And Jacob departed from Beer-sheba.................(28:10)

Rashi comments that when a "TZADIK" leaves a city, the city is effected spiritually. (Please refer to Rashi for further details.)

A question can be asked, Didn't Isaac and Rebecca still remain in the city? These were without question righteous people?

I would like to propose the following original answer, Bezrat Hashem, as follows: A person has to realize that each and every "TZADIK" is unique in his service to G-d. Therefore, when a "TZADIK" (Righteous man) leaves a certain location the impact of his leaving is still felt eventhough other righteous people might still be present in that same location. We must appreciate that each and every person has a soul that is unique to himself. Jacob's uniqueness was surely missed when he left Beer-sheba. Jacob was inherently different than Isaac and Rebecca because his soul was inherently unique. Therefore, the city changed when Jacob left Beer-sheba.

We can all learn a very valuable lesson from CHAZAL in this matter. Its good to try to copy and emulate the righteous, yet we must all try to developed the unique greatness that is inherently found in our own personal soul. That's why G-d made us all different.....

Jacob was a great and righteous man, yet different than his great parents (ISAAC AND REBECCA) . This very difference is what caused the city to feel the impact of his departure. We must all try to utilize the unique differences that is inherently found in all of us for greatness in the pursuit of righteousness. Have a good Shabbos


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