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".......and no man stood with him (YOSEF) , while Yosef made himself known to his brothers"(45:1)

Rashi comments that the reason Yosef had commanded the Egyptians to leave was because Yosef did not want the Egptians to witness his brothers shame.......(please refer to Rashi)

We can learn (Bezrat Has.) a very valuable lesson in the art of giving rebuke(MUSSAR) from Yosef.When a person rebukes his or her friend, one should always be cognizant of the fact that any additional pain or discomfort caused by the rebuker that is in excess of what is absolutely necessary takes "rebuke" and transforms it into "abuse".....Even after all Yosefs brothers had done to him, Yosef was still acutely aware and sensitive to his brothers shame.......When rebuking another person, we are all walking a very thin line.Our sole intent in rebuking should always be to correct that persons faults, not to shame or destroy that person (chos vesholom)....Every person ,especially, parents and teachers should be well versed in the "hows", "wheres", and "whens" of proper rebuke........Remember,that correcting faults is a crucial component in the growth and spiritual developement of any person......We must therefore always ask ourselves ,"how would I like to be rebuked?"........

Perhaps this very question will prompt us to seek out methods to properly rebuke our fellow man or woman........that will enable the person to save some "face"........Have a good SHABBOS........


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