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V'ZOT HABRACHA (Chzak, chazak....)

"Mosha died there, the servant of Hash....." (34:5)

To many people, the use of the word "servant" may have negative connotations. However, the status of any servant is directly related to the stature of the master. when Abraham dispatched Eliezer to find a wife for his son Issac, Eliezer refers to himself as "Abrahams Servant" (bereisis 24:34). Eliezer doesnt say that he is "Abrahams messenger", but proudly declares himself as "Abrahams servant" . It appears that it was an honor for Eliezer to be Abrahams servant due to the stature of Abraham. Likewise, when a person is a "servant" of G-d, there is no greater honor or prestige than that very title. Servitude is not "bad", if the prestige of ones master is great. How many of us actually view ourselves as G-ds servants? Do we feel the great honor which is bestowed upon us for such a title? By realizing the great magnitude of G-d ,"Our Master", will we then be proud to be servants of G-d........Focus on G-ds awesome , boundless greatness, and the proud feeling of servitude will definately follow........Bezer hash.


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