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Vezot Habracha

"Moses was 120 years old when he died;his eye had not dimmed, and his vigor had not diminished" (34:7)

Mosha represented genuine Devine service. The Torah itself testifies to this very fact by labeling Mosha as "G-ds servant" in verse 34:5. In verse 34:7 ,we find that Mosha was still very potent and vigorous to the very end of his life. The Torah is teaching us that in actuality Devine service is in essence life sustaining. Mosha had gleaned his strength from the Torah and Mitzvot.WE must all try to tap into this life sustaining source......Perhapes the first step is to realize and appreciate the potent and vital life sustaining properties inherently found in the Torah.Let us use Mosha as an example of how trully potent the Torah is. This very idea can perhapes change our limiting perceptions of the Torahs true greatness.The Torah is life, plain and simple..... How will we than approach the next Mitzvah? Have a good Shabbos.....


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