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Simcha Groffman

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Kinder Torah
For parents to share with children at the Shabbos Table

You Left Mitzrayim!

A book by Simcha Groffman

Kinder Torah for Pesach thru Shavuos

The Haggadah states, "In every generation one is obligated to regard himself as though he had actually gone out of Mitzrayim."

How can we possibly experience Yetzias Mitzrayim? The slavery and pain along with its cruelty and torture, the miracles of the plagues, the courage it took to sacrifice the Korbon Pesach, and the Divine Presence at the splitting of the sea. These were all awesome historic events. We sit comfortably in our homes. How can we transport ourselves back to Mitzrayim?

You Left Mitzrayim is a book for your family for Pesach thru Shavuos. It contains stories and Torah thoughts on the subjects of Kriyas Yam Suf, The Korbon Pesach, Shabbas HaGadol, Bedikas Chametz, matzah baking, Chol Ha'moed, Sefiras Ha'omer, Maamad Har Sinai, as well as many other topics to share with your children. It will help you capture and convey the special character of these miraculous days.

You Left Mitzrayim contains a special feature for your Pesach Seder - The Haggadah Companion. Our Sages praise the virtue of telling the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim at great length. This, in fact, is the secret of reliving Yetzias Mitzrayim. The Haggadah Companion contains selected Midrashim portrayed as stories, as well as original stories. They tell the story in vivid detail, putting yourself and your Seder participants into the events. You feel as if you were there. Using this book at the Seder table, will help the participants to fulfill the mitzvah, "In every generation one is obligated to regard himself as though he had actually gone out of Mitzrayim."

270 pages, 102 stories, 31 original illustrations by Tova Katz.
Available from the author - Simcha Groffman
$18.00 plus postage.

Please send check to:
POB 5338


Kinder Torah

Copyright 2005
All rights reserved to the author Simcha Groffman

POB 5338


Parashas Nasso


"Abba, I am scared." "I am too, my son. Stand close to me."

"Abba, the mountain is covered with a thick cloud. Thunder and lightning are filling the sky. We never see such weather in the month of Sivan. How can it be?"

"I know, my son. It is very unusual."

"What is that sound, Abba?"

"It is a shofar, my son."

"It is getting louder, and louder, and louder. Who is strong enough to blow such a mighty blast?"

"There is only One Who is."

"Abba! The ground is shaking. How can I stand up? What is happening? Look at that!!! The mountain is rising off the ground up into the air!"

"My son, Hashem is coming down to speak to us. The mountain is going up to meet Him."

"Look now, Abba. The mountain is moving over our heads. We are standing underneath it. Where can we go? We are trapped! I don't want it to fall!"

"My son, have emunah. The Almighty is doing this only for our good. Look now. The Shechina is descending onto the mountain. The mountain has turned clear as glass. We can see through the mountain up to the sky. The Holy One is speaking to us."


"Na'aseh vi'nishma! Everything that Hashem says, we will do and we will listen."

The mountain settles back down to earth.

"Abba, please stay near me. I am frightened. The mountain is still shaking. Clouds and smoke are filling the sky. A huge, huge fire is blazing on top of the mountain. I have never seen a fire so big."

"Look closer, my son. It is burning all the way up to Heaven. It is getting very hot down here."

"Abba, I feel like I am burning up."

"Do you see that, my son? The Annanei HaKovod are dripping dew to keep us cool. Hashem's kindness is endless."

"Abba, do you want to sit down? Your feet must be hurting. They were always cut, sore, and infected from making the mortar in Mitzrayim."

"Thank you, my son, for your concern. But you do not have to worry about me any more. My feet have healed. And my back too, that was injured from the heavy loads that I carried, is now completely cured. I look around and see that Hashem has healed the wounds of all our people. All diseases, physical and spiritual, have been cured. And we are free from the grip of the Yetzer Hara. The kingdoms of the world have lost their power over us. We are perfect in every way. Hashem is preparing us for the big event. Look up into the sky."

"Abba, the Heavens are opening up. It is magnificent beyond words."

"My son, the eyes of man have never seen such beauty, such splendor, such holiness. Look at the myriads of Heavenly Angels. At the pinnacle of it all is the Kisei HaKovod, Hashem's Holy Throne. We see it all."

"Abba, they say that Hashem is going to give the Torah now."

"Let us listen carefully, my son."

The entire world was silent. Not a bird chirped, not a horse brayed, not a man, nor even an angel spoke. The sun stood still in its place, waiting for the moment when The Creator of the Universe would give the Torah. Then His Voice spoke one dibra (statement). What was that dibra? It was one dibra that contained all of the words of the Ten Commandments. A dibra that was impossible for a mouth of flesh and blood to say, and equally impossible to hear. It entered their ears and . . . they died (except for Moshe Rabbeinu). The dibra came back to Hashem and said, "They all died." Hashem brought them back to life. He sprinkled them with the special dew that He will use in the future for techiyat ha'mesim (revival of the deceased), and their souls returned to their bodies. Now, Hashem went back and gave each commandment separately.

"Abba, I can see the words that Hashem is speaking. The letters appear like fiery torches. I also hear the sound of the words coming from all directions. I am so frightened."

Indeed, the Jewish people were so frightened after each commandment that they had to leave the machane (encampment), a distance of twelve mil (approximately eight miles). Heavenly angels helped them come back each time.

An angel took each commandment from Hashem and brought it to each and every Jew. The angel then asked, "Do you accept this commandment?" The Jew answered "Yes," and immediately the angel kissed him on the mouth and taught him the commandment, along with all of the mitzvot, halachot, midrashim, drashot, principles, and hidden secrets related to it. The Torah they learned penetrated their hearts so powerfully that they never forgot it. This is one explanation of the verse, "The words which I placed into your mouth" (Yishaya 59:21).

The fear and awe of Maamad Har Sinai was felt throughout the world. The thunder was heard everywhere. The earth shook. Mountains bounced up and down. The Heavens dripped fire. The nations of the world were so terrified that they went to Bilaam to ask him if Hashem was bringing another mabul to the world. He answered, "You fools! Hashem swore to Noach that He would never again bring a flood to the world." They replied, "Perhaps He will not bring a flood of water, but He may bring a flood of fire, as the Heavens are dripping fire!" Bilaam answered, "He is not bringing a flood to the world, rather He is giving the Torah to His Chosen Nation." As the verse states, "Hashem will give might to His nation" (Tehillim 29:11). When they heard this, they answered, "Hashem will bless His nation with peace" (Tehillim 29:11).

Kinderlach . . .

The Torah states, "Guard yourself and your soul, lest you forget the things your eyes have beheld the day that you stood before Hashem, your God, at Chorev " (Devarim 4:9-10). The Ramban counts this as one of the 613 mitzvot: to remember Maamad Har Sinai. We can only remember events if we possess a knowledge of them in the first place. Kinderlach, study well the events of Maamad Har Sinai. Review them until you remember them. For your neshama was once there, along with all of the Jewish neshamot throughout history. Hashem spoke to you personally. Every word of Torah was etched into your heart. How can you ever forget that?

Parasha Questions:

May a Kohen come and take Trumah by force? (Rashi 5:10)

What happens to the sota who is not tomei? (5:28 and Rashi)

What may a nozir not eat or drink? (6:3,4)

What other things are forbidden to a nozir? (6:5-7)

NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!!
A Children's book by Simcha Groffman
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