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"He [Moshe} went out the next day and behold! Two Hebrew men were fighting. He said to the wicked one, 'Why would you strike your fellow?' He replied, 'Who appointed you as a dignitary, a ruler, and a judge over us? Do you propose to murder me, as you murdered the Egyptian?' Moshe was frightened and he thought, Indeed, the matter is known!" (Shemos 2:13-14). Rashi records a Midrashic explanation that when Moshe saw that the wicked Jew was prepared to inform Par'o about him, he said that now he understands why the Children of Israel were suffering in Exile.

Achdus (unity) is a prerequisite to the Redemption. As long as Jews hurt each other and get one another into trouble with others, they are destined to suffer themselves.

In the fantastic book, Le'avdo BiLeivav Shaleim, about my illustrious Rebby, Rabbi Zeidel Epstein ztvk"l, his loyal student, Chaim Shlomo Rosental, relates a typical story.

One of the Rebby's students was missing from class for three days. The Rebby assumed that he was ill, and called his home to ask how he was feeling. The boy's mother answered the phone, and when the Rebby asked to speak to her son, she replied that he is in Yeshiva. The Rebby realized that he was playing hooky and wanted him to know that he was aware of it. However, he did not want to get the boy into trouble with his parents. So he told the mother, "When you speak to him next, just tell him that his friend Zeidel called and is looking for him!"

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