rosally saltsman
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There’s reality and then there’s Rosality


Has your fairy godmother not put in an appearance for a while? Has the star you’ve wished upon been part of a meteor shower? Did Mary Poppins not answer your call? Has the tooth fairy been having root canal? That’s because…


They Don’t Exist!!


But Rosality does. It’s the state of mind you reach when you believe anything’s possible and there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’.


If you believe and have a dream, a wish or an ambition and need some help in making it come true, contact me.


Disclaimer: Rosality makes no promises or guarantees of results but strives to do her best to ensure customer satisfaction. No requests may be made that are harmful to oneself or another person, are illegal or against Jewish Religious Law. Other than that, anything goes…


Cost of this service is individual and determined on a case-by-case basis.