Moadim Uzmanim
A Journal of Torah Thought and Halacha for the Yomim Tovim Volume II No II, Kislev 5761

A Publication of Kollel Beis HaTalmud Yehuda Fishman Institute
Edited by Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Toras Chaim - The Living Torah
Rabbi Moshe Yudkowsky
Menahel Hakollel

Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin -The Preferred way to Light Chanuka Candles
Rabbi Yaakov Faham

Chanuka - in the Shadow of the Olympics
Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald

That's Greek to me
Understanding the miracle of Chanuka

Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Chanuka and Jewish Pride
Rabbi Pinchas Chalk

Chana and her seven sons-lessons in self-sacrifice
Mrs Chana Bromberg

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