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Rabbi Aaron Krococki

The Gemara in Megilla (5A-B) states, that "R' Elazar said in the name of R' Chanina: Rebbi planted a tree on Purim." The Gemara then proceeds to ask how he was able to do such an act, for Chazal learn out from the pasuk in the Megilla

"...Simcha, feasting and yom tov"- "Yom Tov" - this teaches us that work is forbidden on Purim

The answer is given that "Rebbi" planted a planting of simcha." Rashi explains: "Since Purim is a day of simcha it is permissible to plant a planting of simcha." However, one could still ask: why did Rebbi choose specifically the day of Purim to plant as opposed to some other time? It could be answered simply that on any other day Rebbi didn't have any time since he had to learn. On Purim, though, where there is a mitzvah of simcha, he fulfilled the mitzvah through planting a tree of simcha.

Another idea could be as follows: Every holiday has it's own segula: Pesach - is a time of freedom, we burn the chometz to symbolize the burning up of the evil in us. Succos - we leave our permanent dwelling and go out to a temporary one, thus we feel that our lives in this world are just temporary, which leads us to the straightening up of our ways. The purpose of the chag is to influence the individual to such a degree that what he "planted" on the holiday remains with him for the rest of the year. This is why Rebbi planted a tree on Purim. He wanted to show that even the simcha of Purim should be in the category of a "planting".. i.e... that the simcha which one plants in his heart on this day should remain with him for the remainder of the year. This could only be accomplished if the simcha of Purim is a true one. One which leads to the recognition of the miracles which HaShem did and does with His nation. A simcha which leads to the strengthening of our trust in Hashem just as Ester and all of Klal Yisrael trusted then in HaShem which brought about the acceptance of the whole Torah.

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