Moadim Uzmanim - Purim

A Journal of Torah Thought and Halacha for the Yomim Tovim
Volume III No 3, Purim 5762

A Publication of Kollel Beis HaTalmud Yehuda Fishman Institute
Edited by Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Simchas Adar and Purim
Rabbi Kaddish Rubinfeld

Unmasking the Megilla
Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Should We Send Matanos L'evyonim To Yerushalayim?
Rabbi Nosson Spiegel

Tapping the power of Simcha
Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald

Moadim U'Zmanim is a publication of Kollel Beth HaTalmud, Melbourne,Australia. If you have any comments, or wish to receive an e-mail subscription or for dedication opportunities and general information, e-mail the editor

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