D''vrei Mordechai

by Reb Mordechai Rosen z"l
And now Yisrael, what does Hashem Elokecha ask from you, but to fear Hashem Elokecha and to walk in His ways.
(Devorim, Perek Yud, Pasuk Yud Gimmel)
The following vort was said for Rosh Hashanah 5751.

In Ezras Avoseinu, the Tefila in Shachris right before Shmoneh Esreh, we say “V’nasnu Yididim Zemiros V’shiros” - the beloved praised and exalted Hashem. The question can be asked - why do we use the word Yididim - beloved friends? Since when do we refer to ourselves as friends of the Ribbono Shel Olam? Sons, slaves, but friends?

The word before Yididim is V’nasnu, spelled Vov, Nun, Taf, Nun, Vov - either way you read it - backwards or forwards it is V’nasnu.

It says that “Yisrael Mifarnasim Avihem Sh’bashamayim”, Yisrael sustains their Father in heaven. It also says “Hu Nosen Lechem L’chol Basar”, Hashem gives nourishment to all flesh. So, Hashem gives us everything and return we give back to Hashem though our Avodah, through our Mitzvoth and through our Torah learning. And then Hashem gives us back Brachos and Refuos. When it goes back and forth, from one to the other, then we can say Yididim. And we hope that it will be Yididim - that all of Klal Yisrael will get what they need. And if we do our part to sustain Hashem, He will do His part to sustain us.

We say that a Tzaddik speaks and Hashem listens, that is because when Hashem speaks the Tzaddik listens. If we make Hashem’s will our priority, Hashem will make our needs a priority.

The Belzer Rebbe said that Teruah is an expression of friendship. Yom Teruah - Rosh Hashanah - is a day of friendship between Hashem and Bnei Yisrael. The word Shofar has the same gematria as the words V’nasnu Yididim. V’nasnu - Vov, Nun, Taf, Nun, Vov = 512. Yididim - Yud, Daled, Yud, Daled, Yud, Mem = 78. Together they equal 590. The word Shofar - Shin, Pey, Vov, Resh = 586 plus 1 for each of the four letters = 590.

So on this day of friendship, we are the beloved friends who blow the Shofar to remind the world of the greatness of Hashem.

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