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Part I: Articles
Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld   The identity of the Chilazon
Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld Torah from the Internet, Shelach 5755
Dafyomi Advancement Forum Insights to Menachos 44, Cheshvan 5764
Mois A. Navon A Techeles Timeline
Talmudic Sources A Knotty Issue
Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky The Identity of Kala Ilan
Dr. Baruch Sterman The Techeles Dyeing Process
Hebrew versions of the
previous four articles


Part II: Candidates for Techeles

Murex Trunculus   "Amutat P'til Techeles"
The "Murex Trunculus" site.
(Extensive site, describing the Techeles produced
under the leadership of Rabbi Eliyahu Tevger.)
Janthina Pallida
Techeles Rediscovered
The "Janthina Pallida" site
(Dr. Shaul Kaplan's research into the
purple snail that was Rav Herzog's canditate.)

Cuttlefish The "Radzhiner" Techeles
The "Cuttlefish" (squid) site.
(Includes full translation of the first of the
Radzhiner Rebbe's volumes on the subject.)

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