Sponsorship opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities for volumes of Galei Masechta

"Galei Masechta" price list:
(price includes shipping charges)


12 NIS

Chutz l'Aretz


Galei Masechta is only available in pamphlet form, at present, and has only been printed on the following Masechtos:
  • Pesachim
  • Sukah
  • Kesuvos
  • Nedarim
  • Kidushin
  • Bava Kama
  • Bava Metzia
  • Bava Basra
  • Chulin

Orders: e-mail: daf@dafyomi.co.il US fax: (253) 550-4578 Israel phone (02) 651-5004 (aft.)

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