Price list for
Kollel Iyun Hadaf study material




Under 50 Dafim

Over 50 Dafim

Under 50 Dafim

Over 50 Dafim


45 NIS

55 NIS

30 NIS

40 NIS

Chutz la'Aretz





Prices above are or for one of the following,
on an entire Masechta or part of a Masechta:

  • Insights and Charts

  • Background and Translations
  • Outline of the Daf*
  • Review Questions (without answers)
  • Review Answers (Summary of the Daf)
  • Hebrew Charts**
* (Maseches Pesachim or later)
** (Maseches Bava Basra or later)

More detailed descriptions of the material can be found on our mailing-list page.

To order: e-mail: US fax: (253) 550-4578 Israel phone (02) 651-5004 (aft.)

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