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Hachnosos Kallah

Mrs. Berl
128 Colony Circle
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Hachnosos Kallah Fund

In memory of Shoshana Greenbaum's simchah v'sason, her friends are beginning a hachnasas kallah fund, named Keren Sason V'Simcha, so as to continue being m'sameyach chasan v'kallah in the z'chus of Yehudis Shoshana bas Eliyahu David, A'H. Funds will be used to help relieve some of the financial burden for those needing assistance in making a wedding.

In the merit of this great mitzvah, may we have the privilege to hear again in our days the kol sason v'kol simchah b'chutzos Yerushalayim!

To contribute to Keren Sason V'simcha, please make your tax-deductible checks payable to Bais Avraham Torah Center Charity, and mail them to the address below.

USA: Keren Sason V'simcha
c/o Elisheva Frankel
649 Branch Blvd.
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Israel: Keren Sason V'simcha

c/o Esther Stauber
Maalot Dafna 124A / 12
Jerusalem, 97763

Yad Eliezer

Chessed organization in Israel. Accepts donations of clothes, and donations of money for baby formula, weddings for needy brides, necessities for bar mitzvahs.

In the United States call Mrs. Tropper at 718-258-1580. In Israel call Hadassa Weiss at 02-5388-060.


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