From Rav Avigdor Miller ZTK”L


1. Spend 30 seconds thinking about OLAM HABOH.

2. Say at least once (in privacy), “I LOVE YOU, HASHEM”.

3. Do an act of lovingkindness (GEMILAS CHASODIM) that no one

but Hashem knows.

4. Say something to encourage someone. Be like Hashem who lifts up

the humble.

5. Spend one minute thinking over what happened yesterday –

CHESHBON HANEFESH (an accounting of the soul).

6. Your actions should be “L’Shaim Shomayim” (For Heaven’s Sake).

Say it at least once, i.e. during mealtime, “I’m eating to have

strength to serve Hashem”.

7. Once a day look into a man’s face (women look into a woman’s face)

and think, “I’m seeing a Tzelem Elokim”.

8. Just like Hashem’s face shines on us, give someone a big A BIG


9. When saying a brocho of Malbish Arumim, spend 30 seconds

thinking about the great gift of garments, i.e. pockets, buttons, shoe

laces, etc.

10. “If I forget Yerushalayim…” Sit down on the floor, IN PRIVACY,

for one second and think about the loss of Yerushalayim.


Try to do these exercises 30 days, to grow accustomed.

If it’s too difficult, proceed at your own pace.

Please feel free to make copies and give them to friends


Printed in Memory of Mordechai Hertz ben Yechiel Zaidel, a”h

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