Tfilla List

You can list people who are seriously ill, or trying to conceive, or in need of financial help, or looking for a marriage partner. KEY members around the world will pray for them.

Please note: If you submit names, you must email us each erev Rosh Chodesh as to whether we should keep them on the list. (all new names are indicated with an " * " before them.)

Please pray that all Hashem's lost children return to Him, that those who are wandering find the derech hayashar, and that we all return to Hashem in teshuva and that our teshuva be accepted.

Please pray for a refuah sheleima for all cholei yisrael, refuas hanefesh u'refuas haguf.

Please pray for all those in need of shidduchim in klal yisrael,

Please pray for all those waiting to have children (zera shel kayama).

Please pray for all those in need of parnassa.

Please also pray for the release of all kidnapped soldiers and all Jews in need of pidyon shevuyim throughout the world.

And please also pray for Hashem to protect all those fighting against evil, wherever it is . And pray that Hashem protect us as well all members of klal yisrael wherever they are, and those defending the land and people of Eretz Yisrael.

Please pray that Eliyahu HaNavi come soon to bring besoros tovos and that we see the coming of Moshiach, and the binyan Beis HaMikdash bimhera b'yameinu.

.....and remember that the Gates of Tears were never locked and every tear is precious to Hashem.


In need of Refuah Shleima

(a speedy recovery from illness)

Alter Shimon Yecheskel ben Rochel Chana
Aharon Zelig ben Meiata
Asher ben Malka
Avner ben Clara
Avraham Yisrael ben Rachel
Chaim Boruch ben Leah
Chananya ben Sara
Daniel ben Leah
Don ben Miriam
Dovid Eliezer ben Esther
Elad Tsafrir Ben Dana Nosson
Elad Tsafrir ben Dana
Mattisyahu Yaakov ben Gittel Rivka
Menachem Mendel ben Faiga Rachel
Moshe Yitzchak ben Chana Feigel
Noam Elad Dror ben Evita Yocheved Rivka
Nosson Tzvi ben Sara Rivka Kashtiya
Rafael Yaakov Reuven ben Miriam
Shai ben Nili
Shimon Alexander ben Sora
Spencer ben Rena
Tuvia Avraham ben Chaya Zisa
Tuvia Avraham ben Chaya Zisha
Tzvi Ben Sara Rivka Kashtiya
Tzvi Zelig ben Chasya Ruchel
Yaakov ben Mazal
Yaakov Bunim ben-Etka Mindl
Yaakov Tzvi ben Hinda Yuta Leah
Yair ben Shoshana
Yardin ben Gittel
Yedidyah Israel Ben Deborah
Yehonatan ben Chava Tziziah
Yehoshua ben Tova Gittel
Yehuda Ben Channa
Yeruchem Micha Dovid ben Leah
Yeshao Yossef Ben Zahari
Yitzchak ben Bayla
Yitzchak ben Mazal
Yosef ben Rachel
Yosef Yehoshua ben Fayge Rochel
Zeev ben Tsila

Shidduch for Men

Aryeh ben Elka
Avraham Yitzchak ben Chava Tziziah
Baruch Ben Raizel
Benzion ben Sara Eta
Moshe Laib ben Chaya Kraindel
Nachman Alexander Zeesha ben Yichna Shifra
Yaacov Yisrael ben Rochel
Yisroel Peretz ben Bleema

Parnassa - Men:

Asher ben Malka
Chaim Leib Mendel hakohen ben Rochel Sara
Yaacov Yisrael ben Rochel
Yitzchak Isaac ben Hitzel


Baruch Moshe ben Esther
Uri Avraham ben Hadassah


In need of Refuah Shleima

Adel Rivka bat Esther
Aliza bas Miriam
Alta Sarah Fraida bas Ruchama Aidel Roiza Shoshana
Anya Gila bas Sora
Ariel Leah bas Sarah Dinah
Ayala bat Ruth
Bracha Ariella bas Hinda Leah
Chana Chaya bas Paula
Chana Tzivia bat Miriam
Chava Shaina  bas Leah
Chaya Avigail Ruchama bas Shoshana Leah
Claude bat Bloria
Dina bas Chava Tziziah
Dina Tzivia bas Miriam Pesya Leah
Elysabeth bat Claude
Esther bas Naomi
Gail Sara bat Esther
Gila Gilsom Bas Frances Tzipporah
Hadas bat Merav
Hadassa Leah bas Shoshana
Henna Rasha Bat Yutta Ratza
Leah Chava bat Yehudis
Leora Shoshana bas Yehudit
Libby bas Rivka
Malca bas Esther
Malka bat Rivka
Malka bat Shoshana
Michal Aliza bat Mira
Mina Gittel bas Chana
Minna Rivka bas Chana Fradel
Miriam Devorah bas Mirel
Naomi Gittel bat Bracha
Rachel bas Chava Tziziah
Rachel bas Chaya Charna
Rachel bat Tsila
Regina bat Tsila
Rivka bas Esther Malka
Rivka bas Freyda
Rivka bat Deborah
Rochel bas Chana
Ruchama Seyla bas Gele
Ruth bat Pircha
Serach Eshka Sora bas Reva
Shira Ruchama bas Chana Leah
Sora Devorah bas Masha
Tal Talia Bat Rivka
Tova Malka Bat Rivka
Tsila bat Chabiba
Tzipporah Bas Gila Gilsom
Zahavit bat Linda
Zissel bas Chaya Gittel

Shiddach for women:

Alteh Yached bas Taibeh Sheyna
Alyza Hinda bas Zissel Tzivia
Avigail Bracha bas Chana Esther
Aviva bat Rachel
Ayala bat Shoshana
Ayala  bas Devorah Hinda
Blima Tzvia bat Debora
Chana bat Rachel
Channah Liat bat Sarah
Chaya bat Shoshana
Dorit bat Leah Aliza
Eta bat Ahuva
Eta Esther bat Leah Chava
Eta Frida bat Hinda Esther Gettel
Etty Pnina bat Sara
Ilana bat Leah Aliza
Ilana Chaya bat Beruria Yoceved
Leah bas Rochel
Lilach bat Tamar
Miriam Freidel bas Leah
Nelly bat Sonia
Olivia bat Elysabeth
Orit bat Rachel
Penina Chaya bas Bayla
Rochel bas Chana
Sharon bat Liora Mazal
Talia bat Segula
Tsila bat Chabiba
Victoria bat Elysabeth
Yocheved bas Sora Esther
Yocheved bat Yafa

To conceive a child - zera shel kayama:

Aviva bat Miriam
Bina Rachma bas Sara Yehudit
Dafna Aliza bas Chana Esther
Hannah Annie bat Chasiba Shierly
Leah bat Miriam
Ruthy bat Osnat
Tova Elka bas Chana Esther

Parnasa - Woman:

Einat bas Elana
Rachel bat Tsila
Rochel bas Chana
Rochel Golda bas Miriam
Tsila bat Chabiba
Yocheved bat Tsila

Chizuk - Woman:

Naomi bas Sara Leah
Sharon bas Chava Tziziah
Sharon bas Sara Leah

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