Perhaps no other period in history has witnessed such a steep decline in moral standards as the one in which we live today. We see the fulfillment of chazal predicting our era as a world society devoid of basic values. Yet is precisely at this moment in time that the Torah's calling for a life of kedusha is most meaningful.

Our goal is to kindle an awakening within our midst to study the uplifting concepts and halachos of modesty. We aim to accept as many women as possible and not to discourage anyone from joining. The formulated guidlines will enable you to keep a proper framework of study and help you learn seriously to grow in the beautiful Middah of Tznius!

We close with a birchas Hatzlocho and a smooth ascent in climbing the levels of Modesty. Just remember that one cannot underestimate the reward for every attempt at studying these laws, and the purposefulness and blessings it sheds on our environment! We hope you enjoy your studies.


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