Oz Vehadar Levusha
Home Study Program for Women
"An Adornment for Life"

Dear Coordinator,

Yaasher koach for volunteering to coordinate a group. It is in your zechus that we can continue to spread the learning of tznius to an increasing number of women around the world.

Please read the following instructions about the program:

Coordinator Grid- Please contact the members of your group to let them know what material will be covered on the 1st quiz. (Check the title heading on quiz #1 for that info.) Material to be covered on subsequent quizzes will be listed on the bottom of each quiz so your participants will already be informed. Please use the coordinator grid to keep a count of accumulated raffle points and absences. A test scoring 85% or over taken with an open book is eligible for one point. Tests taken with a closed book are eligible for 2 points. In either case, the entire reading assignment must be read before taking the test. Please keep a record of your group’s points and submit them monthly to us as indicated on the calendar.

Tests - Test should be sent out in time for participants to take the tests on the specified dates. Be sure to consult your calendar and indicate on test when tests are due and when the next test will be assigned. Please include your name and contact information so that participants can send tests back in an efficient manner. There are 10 questions on the test, each worth 10 points. The 11th question is free or worth 10 points extra credit, if correct. Participants are allowed a week to complete the test and return it to you. Tests should be marked, corrected if necessary, and returned to the members of your group.

Calendar- Please refer to your calendar when sending out tests and submitting raffle results. Please e-mail or call in raffle results to ozvehadar@juno.com/718-871-8827 on the week indicated on the calendar. Please note time periods where breaks are assigned.

Answer keys- Use answer keys as a guide when marking tests.

Flyers- Join us in helping tznius grow! Feel free to post, mail/e-mail or distribute flyers to any interested potential participants.

If you or any members of your group need Oz Vehadar books, or if you have any additional questions about the program, please contact us:

Out of state toll free: 1877-7-OZ VEHADAR (1-877-769-8342)

Brooklyn: 718-871-8827

Write to: Rabbi Katz

c/o Passaic Torah Institute's Home Study Program,

41 Park Ave

Passaic, NJ 07055

e-mail: ozvehadar@juno.com.


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