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by Reuben Ebrahimoff -
The Haftorahman



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The Haftorah for Parshat Shoftim 5762

The Haftara is read from the Book of Isaiah Chapter 51:12-52:12.

The Storyline of this week's Haftarah: The Haftarah begins with Isaiah's words "Anoch, Anochi Hu Menachemchem" " It is I, I who comforts you" who are you that you should be afraid of man, who shall die and the son of a man who shall be set as grass? Hashem Will Comfort and Redeem Israel (51:12-16) Isaiah predicts that Hashem will be comfort B'nai Yisrael after he conquers all our enemies. Then the prophet states that after Hashem deals with all of Israel's enemies, it is only Hashem that they need to fear. The Nations Will Drink Hashem's Cup Of Wrath (51:17-23) The nations of the world will drink Hashem's cup of wrath. Hashem will remove his anger that was directed to the Jewish people and redirect it onto the enemy nations of the Jews. Then the Jews will prosper and the enemy nations will suffer. Zion Will be Redeemed (52:1-6) Isaiah call the city of Jerusalem to wake up and rejoice, get dressed in beautiful clothing in preparation of the greatest celebration. The enemy nation will no longer ca! pture Jerusalem. Jerusalem rises up as the king of all cities in the world. Hashem will free Jerusalem from its captors. Egypt and Assyria will never have control over Israel again. Hashem Will Return To Zion (52:7-10) Hashem will return to the Mountain of Zion. In a messianic preview Isaiah says that a messenger (Eliyahu) will announce peace and Hashem will be the G-d of the whole world. Israel's Return From Exile (52:11-12) The Haftarah concludes with the fact that the Jewish people will never have to leave Jerusalem in a rush, or to fight a war again because Hashem is protecting us both from the front and the rear.

The connection between this week's Parasha and the Haftara: This week is the fourth of the "Shiva D'Nechemta" or the seven weeks of comfort. There is no direct connection between the Parasha and the Haftarah during the se seven weeks between Tisha Be'av and Rosh Hashanah.

Haftorahman's Lesson of the week: Imagine when Isaiah says that Jerusalem will get dressed in celebratory clothing because the Mashiach is coming. It reminds me of a giant wedding hall that the caterer is decorating for a very special wedding.

Famous phrases from the Book of Isaiah : 52:1 "Uri, Uri livshi bigday sifartech ami". Wake up! Wake up! Zion, Clothe yourself with splendor! Put on your beautiful clothes. O Jerusalem holy city. Said on Friday night as a part of the Kabbalat Shabbat song Lecha Dodi.

Timeline: This Haftarah takes place just before the Bait Hamikdash was destroyed about 2600 years ago.

Map: Isaiah prophecised in Jerusalem

Written by: The Haftorahman - Reuven Gavriel ben Nissim Ebrahimoff 5762-2002

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