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The Weekly Internet
P A R A S H A - P A G E
by Mordecai Kornfeld
of Har Nof, Jerusalem
Founder of the Dafyomi Advancement Forum

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Dear Readers,

As the New Year approaches, I regret to announce that due to the tight schedule imposed by my involvement in the production of other Torah works, I have to indefinitely suspend publishing new Parasha-Page insights. No action is required on your part; if and when I pick it up again, you will begin receiving the mailings as usual.

I have made this choice reluctantly; I've pushed off this mailing in the hope that I would find some solution, but unfortunately none is evident. I wish to thank you all for your interest and words of support, and I apologize to all those who have sent letters asking about the mailings recently and did not receive replies.

You will find partial Parasha-Pages archives at various Internet sites, listed at the end of this letter. I invite you to visit D.A.F.'s Dafyomi website to see the project which is my primary commitment at present. We will be debuting an all new site, this coming Wednesday, with the help of Hashem. (Presently, our Dafyomi archives are located at

All the best wishes for a Kesivah v'Chasimah Tovah and a blessed year!

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