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"Hashem shall do battle for you, and you shall remain silent" (Shemos 14:14).

When one is in trouble, G-d forbid; sometimes he has to exert himself to try to save himself, but sometimes it is best to just rely on Hashem to save him. The following story, recorded in Borechi Nafshi by Rabbi Zilberstein shlita, is an example of how Hashem saved an entire group of yeshiva students who relied upon Him.

It was Rosh Hashanah, during World War I. The yeshiva in Mir occupied a synagogue in town for studying, and went to the main synagogue to daven (pray) and observe the order of the day.

Suddenly, Russian soldiers completely surrounded the town and began searching for draft dodgers. Now all of the students were, in effect, draft dodgers, since none of them were serving in the army. The danger was great that they may all be sent to the Russian front immediately.

There were some who were of the opinion that the students should scatter among all of the synagogues in Mir, where they may not be noticed, and perhaps many could be saved; rather than remain outstanding as a big group in one shul where they could all be arrested together.

However, the Mashgiach, Reb Yeruchem Levovitz ztvk"l, decided that they should all remain together, and daven with great devotion that Hashem should save them all. Although the prayers in the Mir were always outstanding, especially during the Days of Awe; this day outdid them all, with everyone praying with all of his might.

Miraculously, the soldiers searched all of the shuls in the town except…the main synagogue where the entire yeshiva was stationed. There was no logical explanation for this; only that Hashem had saved His servants who relied upon Him.

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