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Ki Seitzei

"If a man marries a woman and lives with her, and it will be that she will not find favor in his eyes…, and he wrote her a bill of divorce and presented it into her hand, and sent her from his house" (Devarim 24:1).
In Judaism, divorce is allowed. However, it is definitely not encouraged. As a matter of fact, the Sages declared (Gittin 90b) "If one divorces his first wife, even the Alter [in the Holy Temple] sheds tears.

Why do people divorce? Usually, it is because the couple finds fault with each other and are bothered by the spouse's behavior. But the fact of the matter is that no one is perfect and everyone has faults of one kind or another. It is amazing that we all understand our own faults and have rationalizations and explanations for everything we do wrong. Even so, we somehow cannot forgive our spouses for the things they do that we don't like.

The solution is for husband and wife to regard themselves as one unit. Then they would understand each other just as they understand themselves.

Reb Aryeh Levine ztvk"l was known for his unconditional love for every single Jew, no matter what his status was. He outstandingly observed the Torah's commandment to love one's fellow man like himself. There are many people who are very good to others, but, strangely, not to their own family members. However, to Reb Aryeh, his wife was certainly no exception. Once, someone met the Tzaddik together with his wife, sitting in the waiting room of the Jerusalem medical clinic. "What's the matter, Reb Aryeh?" asked the concerned fellow. "Is something wrong?"

"It certainly is," replied Reb Aryeh. "My wife's leg is hurting us!"

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