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"The Kohain shall go forth to the outside of the camp; the Kohain shall look, and behold! -- the tzara'as affliction had been healed from the metzora" (Vayikra 14:3).

Even if a Jew becomes so contaminated that he becomes a metzora (a type of leper R.l), if he repents from his sins he can be healed. For a Jew is always a Jew; the Firstborn son of the Almighty.

In Barechi Nafshi, Rabbi Zilberstein shlita relates a story of a Jew in Europe who married a non Jew who bore him seven children; all not Jewish, of course.

When the accursed Nazis began arresting Jews, according to precise lists which they possessed, they came to this man's house to arrest him and send him off to the death camps. However, his children began to scream that their father is Christian, as they are, and should not be taken away.

Finally, the "merciful" Nazi declared that he would put the father through a test which would determine for sure if he was Jewish or not. They took the man to the local synagogue, removed a Torah scroll from the Holy Ark and unrolled it on the floor. Then they told the man to trample upon it with his foot.

Although the man who had married a non Jewish woman, and lived as a full fledged goy in every aspect of his life, knew undeniably that his life was on the line, he refused to step on the Holy Torah, which he had abandoned, and was taken away to be killed al kiddush Hashem.

Though he did not live as a Jew, he died as one, and that absolved him of all of his terrible sins and he was privileged to be with the tzaddikim in the World-to-Come.

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