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The Power of Prayer

On Rosh Hashanah, we all come before Hashem and pray for the things that we believe we need. Sometimes we are disappointed because we don't get exactly what we asked for. But we are supposed to believe that our Father in Heaven loves us even more than we love ourselves and everything He does for us is for the best. Sometimes we are privileged to understand it in this world; sometimes only in the next.

The following true story was sent in by a reader of the pamphlet Ish LeRei'eihu.

"Moshe" finally agreed with his wife that their cramped apartment was too small. They prayed to Hashem for guidance and help and then put their heads together and figured out what they could afford to buy. It would not be too much bigger than their present home, but it would be comfortable. They met with a contractor and designed a modest apartment together for a reasonable price.

As the apartment was being constructed, Moshe went to visit it several times. Strangely, it seemed smaller than he had expected. But the builder assured him that raw, empty rooms look much smaller than they really are. He assured him that when he would move in with his furniture he would appreciate the full size of the apartment.

Finally, the big day arrived and Moshe and his wife came to pick up the keys to their new dwelling. "Should we advise him to change the lock?" the contractor asked his partner. "Not a bad idea," he replied. "Sometimes one of the workers makes a spare key for himself and 'forgets' to return it."

But when Moshe moved in, he discovered that the thieves had already been there; a long time before. He began to measure the rooms, one by one, and found them all to be much smaller than he had paid for. He threatened to sue the contractor, but the latter quickly refunded the difference in price. However, Moshe found himself, once again, in an apartment that was too small for his family.

Eventually, they decided to buy a much bigger apartment. But for this, Moshe would need help from the Government. He applied for aid and was told that someone would come to measure his home, and if it was really too small for his family, he would be eligible for a sizeable grant plus a loan with good conditions.

Moshe was very anxious as the fellow measured every room of his apartment. Finally, he told him the verdict. "Your apartment fits our criteria exactly. If it were one meter bigger, you would receive nothing from us. It is a miracle that your contractor ripped you off. And if he returned your money to boot, then it is a double miracle!"

May we all be blessed with a year of peace, life, health and prosperity; among all our brothers and sisters around the world.

Kesivah vechasimah tovah.

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Jerusalem, Israel