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Shavuos - Torah is our Life

On Shavuos, Hashem gave us the Torah because He loves us. The Torah is not just a book of knowledge. It is not just a book of laws. Every night, in Ma'ariv (the Evening Service), we declare: "For they (Torah and mitzvahs) are our life and the lengthening of our days."

The following amazing story, recorded by Rabbi Zilberstein shlita in Aleynu Leshabeach, is a clear illustration.

A religious businessman decided to make Hashem a "partner" in his business. He gave a handsome part of all of his profits to charity and to support Torah institutions. Before each business trip, he would pray for success, "If not in my merit, then in the merit of the Torah I support and the charity I give."

Once, he traveled to a small town in Africa. While walking down the street, he suddenly found himself facing a black giant with fiery eyes. The giant looked at him threateningly, and the Jew began to recite the Confession one says before he dies. Suddenly, the giant turned around and left quickly; without harming the Jew at all.

A few moments later, many police cars arrived and asked the Jew if he happened to see a man whom they described to him. The Jew answered that he was just here and pointed out the direction he had gone. The police explained that the man is one of the most dangerous criminals in Africa, who killed dozens of people and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Two days ago, he managed to escape from prison, and, within 48 hours, had already killed several people. "It was a miracle that he did not harm you," exclaimed the police officer.

Eventually, the giant was recaptured and during his interrogation the police asked him why he did not kill the Jew. The criminal replied, "How could I come near him? He had two bodyguards; one on each side of him?!!"

Apparently, the Jew's "partner" had protected him.

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