''Hazon'' is the Hebrew word for ''vision''. And Hazon is the name of a study-program based in Jerusalem which explores the universal vision of the Torah for Jews, humanity, and all creation. Within the Torah is not only a vision, but a way to fulfill that vision through ethical and sacred deeds - the mitzvos; thus, Hazon also explores the mitzvos of the Torah, and how they bring us to our universal goal. Our program of Torah study attracts Jews from diverse communities and backgrounds. You are therefore invited to join a growing network of people who are rediscovering the universal vision of the Jewish people.

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Hazon would like to express its appreciation to those individuals who helped with the preparation and design of this web site. They are Yosef and Shirley Marton of Hazon, and the staff members of the Shema Yisrael Torah Network.

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