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   Audio Classes - Various topics;  series of lectures on "Strive for Truth", based on "Michtav M'Eliyahu" of Rabbi E.E. Dessler,  Mesillat Yesharim, as well as the books of Esther, Shir HaShirim and Yeshayahu.
Most recent audio series from the MUSSAR MASTERS:
   (1) MUSSAR from the PARSHA; and
   (2) The Torah Approach to WEALTH - from Chaifm Radio Show
   (3) MUSSAR for YOMIM TOVIM and other special days
   (4) STORIES of TaNaCH

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  Learning Learning
Learn how to learn Gemara through a simple way that truly puts us on our feet. Follow the classes here to gain familiarity and fluency - the two keys to successful learning.

613 Mitzvos
- A Mitzva a Day - This collection of mitzvos originates from a "WhatsApp" call that puts out one mitzva every day; if you wish, you may use these recordings in the same way to cover a mitzva a day, or learn them at a faster pace it this suits you; The "Mitzvas Hashem" sefer on which these classes are based has a program by which you cover all the mitzvos once a month, but whichever way you use them, it is all valuable, as we know, that nothing surpasses the value of Torah study - Learn the 613 mitzvos on mp3 in Hebrew and English, as digested by the important sefer "Mitzvas Hashem", giving a short summary of the main details of each one of the mitzvos as based on the Rambam's mighty "Yad HaChazak". Click here for a pdf copy of the original sefer available to download from this link.

  Examine Your Life

Questions of Self-Discovery. Thought-provoking questions - try to answer them yourself - share your answer with others - see Rabbi Schwartz's answer as well. Click here.

    Other Resources
Crash Course in Jewish History - Rabbi Beryl Wein
A series of audio books in text and mp3, around 22 hours of audio listening, available freely to the public, in amazing sound quality from Rabbi Wein's Crash Course in Jewish History. Click here to access.

Ultimate Goals Articles
The goal of all goals is to be G-dlike, to resemble the Creator Himself, to be a divine being -- a powerhouse of creativity, action and... 

An Archive of Shas Stories (incomplete) now appears along with the Articles on this site. It is however, not indexed at this stage, and so if you're looking for anything specific, use this search tool.

Also visit the Gallery of Shuls for a quick and interesting tour.

Teachers of Orthodox Jewish Conversion, check out these resources
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