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The Dafyomi Advancement Forum has established an audio lecture archive on subjects related to the daily Daf. If a sources page -- Marei Mekomos -- is available, it may be viewed by clicking on the lecture's subject. Click on the tape to hear the lecture. At present, lectures are available on: Suggestions for future lectures are welcome.

You will need the free RealOne Player to hear the lectures.

Upcoming lectures

Bechoros 025: An Iyun Shiur on the Daf (45 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan Sun 18-Jul-2004 11:00am EST
Parashas Matos: Parasha Thoughts (60 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan Sun 18-Jul-2004 11:45am EST
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Talmud Lecture Archives

  Bechoros 025: Shearing on Shabbos (30 min.) Rabbi N. Borowsky 11-July-2004
  Bechoros 017: Can Measurements Be Exact? (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 04-July-2004
  Bechoros 006: Secretions of Non-Kosher Animals (35 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 20-Jun-2004
  Chulin 142: Siyum Masechta (55 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 13-Jun-2003
  Chulin 138: Shooing the Mother Bird : A Practical Guide (40 min.) Rabbi Naftali Weinberger 06-June-2004
  Chulin 118: Combining Two Halves of a Shiur (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 23-May-2004
  Chulin 114: The Prohition of Eating any "To'evah" (35 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 16-May-2004
  Chulin 105: How Long to Wait between Meat and Milk (55 min.) Rabbi Yisroel Shaw 09-May-2004
  Chulin 027: Relying on "Simanim" (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 02-May-2004
  Chulin 091: Are Benei Noach Required to Perform Shechitah? (40 min.) Rabbi Yisroel Shaw 25-Apr-2004
  Chulin 086: The Blessing for Kisui ha'Dam (25 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 18-Apr-2004
  Chulin 027: What's in a Chicken? (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 28-Mar-2004
  Chulin 051: Treifos of a Cow's Stomach (30 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 14-Mar-2004
  Chulin 027: The Shechitah of Birds: Mid'Oraisa or not? (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 22-Feb-2004
  Chulin 024: Too Old to serve in the Temple? (40 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 15-Feb-2004
  Chulin 010: An Indented Slaughter-Knife (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 08-Feb-2003
  Chulin 003: Shechitah of a Non-Jew or Minor (35 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 25-Jan-2004
  Menachos 099: Eating Kodshim in an Abnormal Fashion (35 min.) Rabbi Akiva Medlov 18-Jan-2004
  Menachos 084: The Laws of a Potted Plant (35 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 28-Dec-2003
  Menachos 063: The Preparation of the Mincha (70 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 14-Dec-2003
  Menachos 055: Keeping a Minchah from becoming Chametz (30 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 30-Nov-2003
  Menachos 054: Determining the size of a food (20 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 07-Dec-2003
  Menachos 044: "In Search of the Lost Chilazon" (50 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 16-Nov-2003
  Menachos 037: Wearing Torn Tzitzis on Shabbos (35 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 23-Nov-2003
  Menachos 032: Writing a Mezuzah in Order (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 09-Nov-2003
  Menachos 028: Building a Replica of the Mikdash and the Menorah (40 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 2-Nov-2003
  Menachos 015: Nisuch ha'Mayim on Sukos (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 26-Oct-2003
  Zevachim 092: The Mitzvah to Clean Disqualified "Dam Chatas" (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 14-Sep-2003
  Zevachim 091: Which One First? (40 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 7-Sep-2003
  Zevachim 078: Rice Dough (20 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 31-Aug-2003
  Zevachim 047: The Shechitah Knife of Korbanos (40 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 27-Jul-2003
  Zevachim 038: An Analysis of "Shefichas Shirayim" (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 20-Jul-2003
  Zevachim 024: Left-handed Service in the Temple (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 6-Jul-2003
  Zevachim 019: Sitting in the Azarah part I/part II (30 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 29-Jun-2003
  Zevachim 005: Inheritance Rights of a Korban (40 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 22-Jun-2003
  Horayos 006: Can a Tzibur bring a Korban Yachid? (25 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 08-Jun-2003
  Horayos 003: The "Semicha" controversy (50 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 01-Jun-2003
  Avodah Zarah 066: Ta'am k'Ikar (a taste of Isur) (50 min.) Rabbi Dov Zupnik 25-May-2003
  Avodah Zarah 064: The "Ger Toshav" (30 min.) Rabbi Meir Caplan 18-May-2003
  Avodah Zarah 059: Paying for a Safek Hezek (45 min.) Rabbi Dov Zupnik 11-May-2003
  Avodah Zarah 043: Ownership of "Isurei Hana'ah (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 27-Apr-2003
  Avodah Zarah 021: The Property Rights of a Renter (30 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 06-Apr-2003
  Avodah Zarah 013: Permission to leave Eretz Yisra'el (45 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 30-Mar-2003
  Avodah Zarah 002: The Prohibition of Lifnei Iver (45 min.) Rabbi Y. Montrose 16-Mar-2003
 Shevuos 038: The Shevu'ah of Modeh b'Miktzas (45 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 9-Mar-2003
 Shevuos 036: Amen - As Good as the Original? (55 min.) Rabbi Y. Shaw 02-Mar-2003
 Shevuos 022: The Shevuah Prohibition: Real or Virtual? (50 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 16-Feb-2003
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Talmudic Archaeology Lecture Archives

 Shavuos 5764 Wanderings of the Jewish People in the Sinai Desert (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 30-May-04
 Purim 5764 Purim and the Persian Empire (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 29-Feb-04
 Chulin 007: The Status of Beit She'an (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 01-Feb-04
 Menachos 097: Probing the Vessels of the Temple (55 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 11-Jan-04
 Chanukah 5764: Retracing the Steps of the Chashmona'im (65 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 21-Dec-03
 Zevachim 104: In The Footsteps of the Kohen Gadol (Yom Kipur) (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 21-Sep-03
 Zevachim 054: The Location of the Beis haMikdash (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 3-Aug-2003
 Zevachim 034: A Study of the Passover Sacrifice (60 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 13-July-2003
 Zevachim 002: A Study of the Temple Service (75 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 15-June-2003
 Avodah Zarah 050: Forms of idol-worship (45 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 4-May-2003
 Avodah Zarah 008: Highlights of a Roman City (55 min.) Rabbi Y. Landy 23-Mar-2003
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Parasha Pearls Archives
(Click here for the text archives of Rabbi Kornfeld's "Weekly Parasha-Page", 1996-1998)

  Parashas Pinchas: Yehoshua "Bin Nun" (13 min.) Rabbi N. Borowsky 11-Jul-2004
  Parashas Balak: The Tents of Ya'akov (10 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 04-Jul-2004
  Shavuos: Preparing for Matan Torah (20 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 23-May-2004
  Parashas Behar: Saved by Yitzchak (7 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 16-May-2004
  Parashas Acharei: The Need for a Jew to be Kadosh (20 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 02-May-2004
  Parashas Tazria: Curing the Nega (10 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 25-Apr-2004
  Parashas Shmini: The Burden of Torah (4 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 18-Apr-2004
  Parashas Vayikra: A Modest Contribution (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 28-Mar-2004
  Parashas ha'Chodesh: World History (30 min.) The Manostrishcher Rebbe 21-Mar-2004
  Parashas Ki Sisa: Moshe's Unique Number (6 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 14-Mar-2004
  Parashas Mishpatim: Preparing for Purim (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 22-Feb-2004
  Parashas Yisro: Yisro, We Need You> (7 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 15-Feb-2004
  Parashas Beshalach: Yehoshua or Hoshea (20 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 08-Feb-2004
  Parashas Vaera: Mitzri Hypocrisy (5 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 25-Jan-2004
  Parashas Shemos: Nursing from a Nochris (10 min.) Rabbi A. Medlov 18-Jan-2004
  Parashas Vayigash: Yosef's Linen Robe (7 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 28-Dec-2003
  Parashas Vayetze: The Source of Yaakov's Strength (20 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 07-Dec-2004
  Parashas Toldos: Esav's Tear; Yedid ben Yedid (25 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 30-Nov-2003
  Parashas Vayera: Love and Fear in Jerusalem (10 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 16-Nov-2003
  Parashas Noach: Lights Out for the Kingdom of David (15 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 02-Nov-2003
  Parashas Bereishis: The Role of the Woman (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 26-Oct-2003
  Parashas Ki Savo : The Lessons of Bikurim (15 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 14-Sep-2003
  Parashas Ki Setzei: Rabbi M. Caplan 7-Sep-2003
  Parashas Devarim: Days of Mourning (15 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 27-Jul-2003
  Parashas Pinchas: Kevasim and Camels (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 20-Jul-2003
  Parashas Chukas: Moav's Sin (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 6-Jul-2003
  Parashas Korach: Chutzpah and Arrogance (15 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 29-Jun-2003
  Parashas Shelach: The Shabbos Cloak (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 22-Jun-2003
  Parashas Naso: The Torah's Secret Holy Number (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 08-Jun-2003
  Shavu'os 5763: Learning is Better Than Deeds (15 min.) Rabbi D. Zupnik 08-Jun-2003
  Parashas Bamidbar: Secrets of the Tribal Encampment (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 01-Jun-2003
  Parashas Bechukosai: The Desolation of the Land (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 25-May-2003
  Haftarah, Parashas Behar: Yirmeyah's Land Purchase (15 min.) Rabbi M. Caplan 18-May-2003
 Lag b'Omer: The Honor of the Torah (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 18-Mar-2003
 Parashas Emor On the morrow of the Shabbos (20 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 27-Apr-2003
 Parashas Acharei The Land of the Torah (20 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 27-Apr-2003
 Pesach 5763: Hidden patterns in the Passover Hagadah (50 min.) Rabbi Y. Shaw 13-Apr-2003
 Parashas Tazria: The Legacy of the Serpent (20 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 06-Apr-2003
 Parashas Shmini: Understanding the Holocaust (20 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 30-Mar-2003
 Parashas Zachor: The Seal of Haman's Doom (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 16-Mar-2003
 Parashas Pekudei: "Vavei ha'Amudim" (15 min.) Rabbi M. Kornfeld 09-Mar-2003
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