Take this Golden Opportunity to join the Thousands of Jews all over the world who learn the "MISHNA YOMIS" cycle. All you need is to find 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and by learning two mishnayios a day, you can slowly but surely gain basic knowledge in all of the Six Sidrei Mishnah, here at your office desk or study, as the Torah tells us "Lo Rechokoh He Mimchoh ... Be'Fichoh Ubilvovchoh La'asoso"

In order to follow mishna yomis, click on the appropriate mesechta.

For those that don't have the daily schedule, a calendar is available below.

The Shiur is given by Rabbi Chaim Brown Shlit"a



Calendar for 5765

Calendar for 5773

Calendar for 5766

Calendar for 5774

Calendar for 5767

Calendar for 5775

Calendar for 5768

Calendar for 5776

Calendar for 5769

Calendar for 5777

Calendar for 5770

Calendar for 5778

Calendar for 5771 

Calendar for 5779

Calendar for 5772

Calendar for 5780


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