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The Haftarah for Parashat B'Haalosecha 5762

The Prophet Zecharya's Vision of the Menorah (Candelabrum).

The Haftorah begins… Rani V'simchi Bat Zion - Sing and be glad daughter of Zion, Jerusalem, we are returning home.

Read from the Book of Zecharya Chapter 2:14-17, 3:1-10, 4:1-7

Summary: The future return of the Shechina (Hashem's Spirit) to Yerushalaim. The accusal and acquittal of Yehoshua Kohen Gadol by the heavenly tribunal. A message to Yehoshua. The Vision of the Menorah. Interpretation of the vision.

The Storyline of this week's Haftarah: The Vision of the Menorah. The Haftorah Begins with Zecharya's prediction of the future return of Hashem's presence in Jerusalem. Then the Nations of the world will join the ingathering and celebrations. The Haftorah 2nd part discusses the accusal and then the acquittal of Yehoshua the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) by the heavenly tribunal. He was protected against the attacks of the Satan. The Haftorah continues with a message for Yehoshua the Kohen Gadol. It first warns him and then encourages him. He was reprimanded because his children had married gentile woman. We now move on to the third and final part of the Haftorah. The Vision of the Menorah and it's interpretation.

The connection between this week's Parasha and the Haftara: The Parasha opens with a discussion of the daily Menorah lighting in the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and Temple. The Haftorah speaks of the vision of the Menorah and an Angel's prophetic interpretation of that vision.

Haftorahman's Lesson of the week: Zecharya's vision explains to us that it's not with our individual power that our successes come from, but with the spirit of Hashem. Let's remember that to the degree that we reconnect ourselves to Hashem via the Torah, our own personal lights will shine brighter.

The Prophet Zecharya's Biography: His name was Zecharya (Hashem remembers) Ben Ido. He was a Kohen. He prophesied in 520 B.C.E. about 2500 years ago. He was the 11th of the 12 prophets in the Book Tray Assar. His name means Hashem Remembered. Zecharya wrote his own book -- it is 14 chapters long. He lived in the time of the return from Babylon and Persia. Curesh, Esther & Achashveroshe's son permitted the rebuilding of the 2nd temple. He had a second name Meshulaem. He lived in Jerusalem and was buried in the Kidron Valley. His piers were Zerubavel governor of Jerusalem, Yehoshua the Kohen Gadol, Mordechai, Nechemiah, Ezra, Chaggai, Yonah. Zecharya hid the temple treasures. Shortly after Zecharya's time prophecy departed from Israel. He was a member of the men of the great assembly.

Famous phrases: From the book of Zecharya Chapter 14:9. V'haya Hashem Lemelech al kol ha'aretz bayom hahu yeheyeh hashem echod ushemo echad. And Hashem will be the ruler over the world. The concluding sentence of Alenu Leshabeach.

Timeline: The Haftorah took place about 2500 years ago.

Map: Zecharya's prophecy takes place in Jerusalem.

Written by: The Haftorahman - Reuven Gavriel ben Nissim Ebrahimoff 5762-2002

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