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The Haftorah for Parshat Re'eh 5762

The Haftorah is read from Isaiah Chapter 54:11-55:5.

The Storyline of this week's Haftarah: "Aniyah Soarah Lo Nuchamah" O afflicted, storm tossed, unconsoled one, behold! Jerusalem Will be rebuilt (54:11-14) We begin this week's Haftorah with the prophet Isaiah declaring that in the time of the Mashiach (Messiah), Jerusalem will be rebuilt with gemstones, like rubies and sapphires. Then all your children will be students of Hashem and they will enjoy an eternal peace and spiritual greatness. Jerusalem's Enemies will be unable to conquer her ( 54:15-17) The prophet Isaiah continues by saying that the Jews need not fear their enemies if they obey Hashem. They should just be thirsty to study the Torah. The results will be that Jerusalem's enemies will not be able to conquer her. Anyone who tries to conquer the Jews will fall into the Israelites hands. Hashem permitted all the weapons in the world to be created and now he will not let these weapons hurt the nation of Israel. Listen to Hashem, Who Will Make A. Covenant with Israel (55:1-5) The Haftorah concludes with the Prophet Isaiah saying that in the time of the Mashiach (Messiah) all nations of the world will not be able to speak up against The Nation of Israel.

The connection between this week's Parasha and the Haftara: This week is the third of the "Shiva D'Nechemta" or the seven weeks of comfort. There is no direct connection between the Parasha and the Haftorah during the seven weeks between Tisha Be'av and Rosh Hashanah.

Haftorahman's Lesson of the week: Just hearing that Jerusalem will be rebuilt with a variety of precious gemstones lifts one spirits before the upcoming "Yamim Noraim" High Holiday season.

Famous phrases from the Book of Isaiah : Is quoted from Chapter 40 Verse 29. We say this Passuk as one of the "Birchot Hashachar" or morning blessings "… "Hanotain laya'ef Koach" "Hashem…gives strength to the weary."

Timeline: This Haftorah takes place just before the Bait Hamikdash was destroyed about 2600 years ago.

Map: Isaiah prophesied in Jerusalem.

Written by: The Haftorahman - Reuven Gavriel ben Nissim Ebrahimoff 5762-2002

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