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    Abaye – Amorah - Primary source quoted in the Talmud (Aramaic)

    Acharon(im) – Later commentaries on the Talmud (Hebrew)

    Achrayus – Responsibility (Hebrew)

    Ahava – Love (Hebrew)

    Aibishter – G-d (Yiddish)

    Al kol panim – In any case (Hebrew)

    Aliyah – Call up to read or recite a blessing over the recitation of the Torah (Hebrew)

    Alter - Older (Yiddish)

    Amikus – Deep depth (Hebrew)

    Aniyus – Paucity (Hebrew)

    Araingutan – Lit. “thrown into”, essential part of, immersed (Yiddish)

    Asifas – Gatherings, meetings (Hebrew)

    Askan(im) - Public activist(s)  in support of Torah and Yiddishkeit (Hebrew)

    Askonos – Practical activities in support of Torah and Yiddishkeit (Hebrew)

    Aufruf – Shabbos before marriage when the chassan is called up to the Torah (Yiddish)

    Av Beis Din – President of court of Jewish law (Hebrew)

    Avodah – Worshipping G-d (Hebrew)

    Avreichim – Married Jewish men who learn full time in Yeshiva (Hebrew)

    B’chlal – In general (Hebrew)

    B’chush – Instinctively (Hebrew)

    B’shefa – In abundance (Hebrew)

    Baal Achsanya – Host (Hebrew)

    Baal Kishron – Intelectually gifted (Hebrew)

    Baal Madrega – Person of stature (Hebrew)

    Baalei batim – Laymen (Hebrew)

    Ba”h – abb. Bli Ayin Hara – against the evil eye (Hebrew)

    Bais Hamusar – Study house for moral ethics (Hebrew)

    Bais Medrash – Study Hall (Hebrew)

    Bar Mitzvah – Maturation of 13 year old Jewish male (Hebrew)

    Baishon – Bashful, modest person (Hebrew)

    Beged – Garment (Hebrew)

    Bein Hasdarim – In-between classes (Hebrew)

    Bein Hashmashos – Twilight (Hebrew)

    Bein Hazmanim – Intersession (Hebrew)

    Beis Din – Court of Jewish Law (Hebrew)

    Beis Medrash Gevoha – BMG – the Lakewood Yeshiva

    Ben Torah  – Torah student (Hebrew)

    Bittul Torah – Wasting Torah study time (Hebrew)

    Bnei Torah – Torah students (Hebrew)

    Bochur/Bochurim – Yeshiva students (Hebrew)

    Boruch Hashem – Thank G-d (Hebrew)

    Bracha (pl. brachos) – Blessing(s) (Hebrew)

    Bris – Circumcision (Hebrew)

    Bubbe maaseh – Folktale (Yiddish)

    Chaburah – Group of study partners (Hebrew)

    Chalilah – G-d Forbid (Hebrew)

    Chalukah – Student allocation (Hebrew)

    Chanukah - Festival of lights (Hebrew)

    Chap – Grasp (Yiddish)

    Chas – Particularly careful (Hebrew)

    Chashivus – Significance, importance (Hebrew)

    Chashuva – Prominent (Hebrew)

    Chassid(im) – Hassidic Jew(ry) (Hebrew)

    Chasunah – Wedding (Hebrew)

    Chavivus – Affection (Hebrew)

    Chaver – Friend (Hebrew)

    Chavrusa – Study Partner – (Hebrew)

    Chazal - Sages (Hebrew)

    Chazara – Review (Hebrew)

    Cheder – Religious Jewish boy’s elementary school (Yiddish)

    Chelek – Part (Hebrew)

    Cheshbon(os) – Reckoning(s) (Hebrew)

    Cheshek – Desire (Hebrew)

    Chessed – Kindness (Hebrew)

    Chevra  - Group of friends (Hebrew)

    Chiddush (pl. Chiddushei or chiddushim) – Novellae (Hebrew)

    Chinnuch – Education (Hebrew)

    Chisurin – Lack, shortcoming (Hebrew)

    Chiyus – Existence, vitality (Hebrew)

    Chizzuk – Inspiration (Hebrew)

    Cholek – Opposed (Hebrew)

    Chol HaMoed – Weekdays which fall out during the week, between the first and second days of the Succos and Pesach festivals

    Chomesh – 1/5 of earnings (Hebrew)

    Chosson – Groom (Hebrew)

    Chuppah – Canopy, actual matrimony which takes place under the canopy at a Jewish wedding ceremony (Hebrew)

    Chumash – Bible  - Five Books of Moses (Hebrew)

    Daas Torah – Torah outlook (Hebrew)

    Dachkus – Poverty (Hebrew)

    Dafka – Specifically (Hebrew)

    Dag – Fish (Hebrew)

    Daiga – Concern (Hebrew)

    Dan – Discussing (Hebrew)

    Darga – Level (Hebrew)

    Davar –Thing (Hebrew)

    Davuk – Totally attached (Hebrew)

    Daven(ed) – Pray(ed) (Yiddish)

    Davuk - Cleaved to (Hebrew)

    Demus Dyokno – Role model, image (Hebrew)

    Derech Eretz – Respect (Hebrew)

    Derher – Insight (Yiddish)

    Dibur – Speech (Hebrew)

    Dikduk – Meticulous (Hebrew)

    Din Torah – Court case (Hebrew)

    Dirah – Apartment (Hebrew)

    Dmus – Image (Hebrew)

    Dor(os) – Generation(s) (Hebrew)

    Dugma – Example (Hebrew)

    Ehrlicher – Sincere (Yiddish)

    Eid riyah – Eyewitness (Hebrew)

    Eidel – Fine (Yiddish)

    Eidelkeit – Fineness (Yiddish)

    Eima – Trepidation (Hebrew)

    Einikel (pl. Einiklach)– Grandchild(ren) (Hebrew)

    Eisek – Matter – (Hebrew)

    Eitzah – Advice (Hebrew)

    Eltere – Elderly (Yiddish)

    Elul – 6th month of the Jewish calendar

    Emes – Truth (Hebrew)

    Emuna – Faith (Hebrew)

    Emunas Chachamim – Belief in our sages (Hebrew)

    Erech – Estimation (Hebrew)

    Eretz Yisroel – Israel (Hebrew)

    Erev Shabbos – On the eve of Sabbath (Hebrew)

    Erev Yom Kippur – Eve of the Day of Atonement (Hebrew)

    Erev Yom Tov – On the eve of a Festival (Hebrew)

    Esrog – Citrus Fruit used during the Succos Festival (Hebrew)

    Fakert – On the contrary (Yiddish)

    Farher –Exam (Yiddish)

    Fieredegge – Fiery (Yiddish)

    Frum – Religious (Yiddish)

    Gabbai - Manager of synagogue affairs (Hebrew)

    Gadol – Leader of Jewry (Hebrew)

    Gadlus- Greatness (Hebrew)

    Gantze – Whole (Yiddish)

    Gaon HaGadol – Brilliant scholar (Hebrew)

    Gashmius – Materialism (Hebrew)

    Gedolei Yisrael – Leaders of Jewry (Hebrew)

    Gedolei HaTorah – Torah Giants (Hebrew)

    Gedolim – Leaders (Hebrew)

    Gelassen – Thought out, deliberate (Yiddish)

    Gemara – Talmud (Hebrew)

    Ger Tzedek – Convert (Hebrew)

    Gevaldigge – Awesome (Yiddish)

    Gevir(im) – Wealthy man (men) (Hebrew)

    Gezunt – Health (Yiddish)

    Gittin – Tractate in the Talmud which deals in matters of divorce

    Godol Hador (pl. Gedolei Hador) – Torah giant and leader(s) (Hebrew)

    Goy(im) – Gentile(s) (Yiddish)

    Gut Shabbos – Good Shabbos – standard greeting on the Jewish Sabbath (Gut- Yiddish,

                            Shabbos – Hebrew)

    Gut Yom Tov – Good Yom Tov – standard greeting on a Jewish Holiday (Gut – Yiddish,

                            Yom Tov – Hebrew)

    Hachana – Preparation (Hebrew)

    Hakadosh Baruch Hu – G-d (Hebrew)

    Hakaras Hatov – Appreciation (Hebrew)

    Hakpada – Punctilious (Hebrew)

    Halacha(pl. Halachos) – Torah Law(s) (Hebrew)

    Hanahalla – Staff (Hebrew)

    Hasaga (pl. Hasagos) – Concept(s) (Hebrew)

    Hashem – G-d (Hebrew)

    Hashgacha – Divine Providence (Hebrew)

    Hashkafa – Outlook (Hebrew)

    Hashpo’ah – Influence (Hebrew)

    Hasmada – Diligence (Hebrew)

    HaTzaddik HaDor – Sage of the generation.(Hebrew) 

    Hefsek – Pause (Hebrew)

    Heilege – Holy (Yiddish)

    Hekpeda – Particular (Hebrew)

    Hemshech – Continuation (Hebrew)

    Hesber – Explanation (Hebrew)

    Hesped(im) – Eulogy (Eulogies) (Hebrew)

    Heter – Permit (Hebrew)

    Hischayvus – Obligations (Hebrew)

    Hoitza’ah – Expense (Hebrew)

    Hotzo-os – Expenditures (Hebrew)

    Ikar hashpo’ah – Basic influence (Hebrew)

    Ikur – Main Focus (Hebrew)

    Intersant – Interesting (Yiddish)

    Inyan(im) – Issue(s) (Hebrew)

    IY”H – Abb. Im Yirtzeh Hashem – With G-d’s will (Hebrew)

    Iyun – In-depth (Hebrew)

    Kaddish  - Prayer for the deceased (Hebrew)

    Kallah – Bride (Hebrew)

    Kanois – Vengeance (Hebrew)

    Kapote – Long jacket (Yiddish)

    Kasha(s) – Difficult question (s) (Yiddish)

    Kavanah – Intention (Hebrew)

    Kavod – Respect (Hebrew)

    Kavod HaBriyos – Respect for people (Hebrew)

    Kavod HaTorah – Respect for the Torah (Hebrew)

    Kavod Shomayim – Heavenly respect (Hebrew)

    Kayam – Eternal, enduring (Hebrew)

    Kedusha – (noun) Prayer recited in the Shaliach Tzibbur repetition of the Shemone Esreh prayer (Hebrew) (verb) Holiness (Hebrew)

    Kesher – Connection (Hebrew)

    Kesser Torah – Crown of Torah (Hebrew)

    Kesuba – Tractate in the Gemara, Lit. Marriage Contract (Hebrew

    Kibbutz(im) – Communal settlement(s) (Hebrew)

    Kidai – Worthwhile (Hebrew)

    Kiddush – Friday night blessing over wine before the Sabbath meal (Hebrew)

    Kimat – Nearly (Hebrew)

    Kishronos – Talented Capacity (Hebrew)

    Kislev – 9th month in the Jewish calendar (Hebrew)

    Kiyum – Existence (Hebrew)

    Klal –Whole (Hebrew)

    Klal Yisroel – Jewry (Hebrew)

    Kleinekeit  - Small anecdote (Yiddish)

    Kletzk – R’ Aharon’s hometown

    Kletzkers – Those who hailed from Kletzk

    Klor – Clear (Yiddish)

    Kochos – Efforts (Hebrew)

    Kodem Kol – First of all (Hebrew)

    Kollel – Institute for full-time Torah learning for married Jewish men (Hebrew)

    Kup – Lit. head, i.e. innate intellect (Yiddish)

    K’seder – Persistently (Hebrew)

    Lashon – Precise words (Hebrew)

    Lashon raka – Kind, soft manner of speech (Hebrew)

    Lamden – Erudite Torah Scholar (Hebrew)

    Levaya – Funeral (Hebrew)

    Leyl – Eve  (Hebrew)

    Limud HaTorah – Torah Study (Hebrew)

    L’mashal – For example (Hebrew)

    Litvishe – Non-Hassidic sect of Jewry (Yiddish)

    L’Sheim Shomayim – For the sake of heaven (Hebrew)

    Maariv – Evening Prayers  (Hebrew)

    Maaseh – Anecdote (Hebrew)

    Maasim – Acts (Hebrew)

    M’a’ayin – Delve into (Hebrew)

    Machshava – Thought (Hebrew)

    Machzor – Prayer book for the High Holy Days and Festivals  (Hebrew)

    Madreiga – Level (Hebrew)

    Makir Tov – Appreciative (Hebrew)

    Makom – Place (Hebrew)

    Makom Torah – Place of Torah (Hebrew)

    Makpid – Punctilious (Hebrew)

    Malach – Angel (Hebrew)

    Malach Elokim – Angel of G-d (Hebrew)

    Mamesh – Verily (Hebrew)

    Marbitz Torah – Inculcator, disseminator of Torah Study

    Mareh Mekomos – Source Citations (Hebrew)

    Mashal – Parable (Hebrew)

    Mashgiach – Supervisor (Hebrew)

    Mashpiah – Influence (Hebrew)

    Mashpil – Subordinated (Hebrew)

    Masmid – Diligent student (Hebrew)

    Matana – Gift (Hebrew)

    Matzav – Situation (Hebrew)

    Mechanech – Educator (Hebrew)

    Mechika – Erasing (Hebrew)

    Medakdek – Stringent (Hebrew)

    Mefursim – Well-known (Hebrew)

    Meinung – Opinion, view (Yiddish)

    Mekayem – Fulfill (Hebrew)

    Melave Malka – Saturday night meal which symbolizes escorting the Shabbos Queen back (Hebrew)

    Menche – Upright individual (Yiddish)

    Menorah – 8 stem candelabra lit on the Festival of Lights (Hebrew)

    Mesechta – Tractate of Talmud (Aramaic)

    Meshamesh (pl. Meshamshim)– Aide(s)  (Hebrew)

    Meshugah – Insane (Hebrew)

    Mesirus Nefesh – Dedication (Hebrew)

    Mesorah – Tradition (Hebrew)

    Metzius – Reality   (Hebrew)

    Middos – Traits (Hebrew)

    Milchama – Battle (Hebrew)

    Mincha – Afternoon prayers (Hebrew)

    Minhag – Custom (Hebrew)

    Minyan – Quorum (Hebrew)

    Misha’al – Desire (Hebrew)

    Mishpacha – Family (Hebrew)

    Mispallel – Prayed (Hebrew)

    Mitzvah (p. Mitzvos)– Good deed(s) (Hebrew)

    M’mayet – Diminish (Hebrew)

    M’munah – Appointee (Hebrew)

    Moirah – Fear (Hebrew)

    Moiradegga – Awesome (Hebrew/Yiddish)

    Momenus – Monetary matters (Hebrew)

    Mosdos – Institutions (Hebrew)

    Moser Nefesh – Dedication (Hebrew)

    Motzai Shabbos – Saturday night (Hebrew)

    Motzai Tisha B’Av – Night following Tisha B’Av (Hebrew)

    Motzai Yom Kippur – Night following Day of Atonement (Hebrew)

    Mun – Demand (Yiddish)

    Mussag – Concept (Hebrew)

    Mussar – Moral ethics and principles (Hebrew)

    Muvhak – Outstanding, special (Hebrew)

    M’yaetz – Seeking counsel, advice (Hebrew)

    Mymer – Article (Hebrew)

    Nedarim – Tractate Nedarim - vows (Hebrew)

    Negios – Personal interest (Hebrew)

    Nevuah – Prophecy (Hebrew)

    Niftar – Passed away (Hebrew)

    Nogeah – Pertinent (Hebrew)

    Noseh B’ol – Lit. carry the burden, sensitive (Hebrew)

    Olam – Lit. world, used in context to mean disciples or crowd  (Hebrew)

    Olam Hazeh – The world of the living (Hebrew)

    Olav Hashalom – May he rest in peace (Hebrew)

    Oleha HaShalom – May she rest in peace (Hebrew)

    Oneg Shabbos – Shabbos delight (Hebrew)

    Ossur(ed) – Halachically Forbade (Hebrew)

    Oy – Oh! (Yiddish)

    P’shoros – Compromises (Hebrew)

    Pachad – Trepidation (Hebrew)

    Parnossa – Living (Hebrew)

    Pasuk – Verse (Hebrew)

    Pashut – Simply (Adj.) Literally (Adv.) (Hebrew)

    Pasken(ing) – Ruling, resolving (Hebrew)

    Perek (pl. Perakim) – Chapter(s) (Hebrew)

    Pesach – Passover (Hebrew)

    Petirah – Passing on (Hebrew)

    Pikchus – Shrewdness (Hebrew)

    Pinkas – Notebook (Hebrew)

    Pirtza – A breach of morality or Torah values (Hebrew)

    Pleytim – Refugees (Hebrew)

    Posek - Rabbinical religious authority (Hebrew)

    Poshut a moirah – Simply awesome   (Hebrew)

    Prat – Detail (Hebrew)

    Psak – The ruling, judgment (Hebrew)

    Pshat - Literal meaning (Hebrew)

    Rachmonus – Compassion, mercy (Hebrew)

    Rambam –Maimonides (Hebrew)

    Rashei Yeshiva – Deans of the Yeshivas, Talmudic scholars of great stature (Hebrew)

    Rashi – 12th century commentary on Torah and Gemara (Hebrew)

    Ratzon – Will, desire (Hebrew)

    Rava – Amorah - Primary source quoted in the Talmud (Aramaic)

    Raya(s) – Proof(s) (Hebrew)

    Rebbe(s) – Religious Jewish Scholar and Teacher(s) (Hebrew)

    Rebbetzin – Rabbi’s wife (Yiddish)

    Ribbono Shel Olam – Master of the Universe (Hebrew)

    Rishonim, Achronim – Collective term for various commentaries on Tanach  and Gemara

    Ritcha - Fieriness (Aramaic)

    Roiv – Majority (Hebrew)

    Rosh Chodesh - First day of the new month (Hebrew)

    Rosh Hashana – Jewish New Year (Hebrew)

    Rosh Kollel – Dean of institute for full time learning for married Jewish men (Hebrew)

    Rosh Yeshiva (pl. Rashei Yeshivos) – Dean(s) (Hebrew)

    Rov – Rabbi, spiritual leader (Hebrew)

    Ruach – Spirit, feeling (Hebrew)

    Ruach Hakodesh – Divine Inspiration (Hebrew)

    Ruchnius – Spirituality (Hebrew)

    Sandek – One who holds the baby at a circumcision ceremony (Hebrew)

    Satmar – Sect of Hassidic Jewry

    Schmooze – Informal talk (Yiddish)

    Schmoozen – Talks (Yiddish)

    Seder (pl. Sedarim) – Session(s) (Hebrew)

    Sefardishe – Sephardic (Yiddish)

    Sefer (pl. Sefarim) – Book(s) (Hebrew)

    Sefer Torah – Torah Scroll (Hebrew)

    Seudah – Shabbos Meal  (Hebrew)

    Shabbos – Jewish Sabbath (Hebrew)

    Shabbos Hagadol – Shabbos before Passover (Hebrew)

    Shadchan (male) shadchanta (female) – Matchmaker (Hebrew/Yiddish)

    Shaichos – Connection (Hebrew)

    Shailah – Question (Hebrew)

    Shaliach Tzibur – Cantor who repeats the Shemonei Tzibur prayer, only this time out loud (Hebrew)

    Shaina – Nice (Yiddish)

    Shalom – Greetings (Hebrew)

    Shalosh Seudos – The third meal on Sabbath (Hebrew)

    Sharfer – Sharper (Yiddish)

    Shas – Abb. Shisha Sidrei Mishna - the six books of the Mishnah  (Hebrew)

    Shavuous – Feast of weeks (Hebrew)

    Shayach – Possible (Hebrew)

    Shechina – Divine Presence (Hebrew)

    Sheifah (pl. Sheifos) – Aspiration(s) (Hebrew)

    Sheker – Falsehood (Hebrew)

    Shemini Atzeres – Eighth day of Succos (Hebrew)

    Shemiras Shabbos – Sabbath observance (Hebrew)

    Shemonah Esreh –Prayer of 18 Blessings recited quietly towards the conclusion of prayer 3 times a day (Hebrew)

    Shidduch(im) - Match making (Hebrew)

    Shitta – Policy (Hebrew)

    Shiur(im) – Torah lecture(s) (Hebrew)

    Shiva - Seven days of mourning (Hebrew)

    Shiva Asar B’Tamuz – Fast day of the 17th day of Tamuz (Hebrew)

    Shkiya – Sundown (Hebrew)

    Shlita – Abb. For Sheyichye LeOrech Yamim Tovim Aruchim - May he live for many blessed years (Hebrew)

    Shloshim – 30 days of mourning (Hebrew)

    Shoel eitza – Seeking advice (Hebrew)

    Shomer Shabbos – Sabbath Observant (Hebrew)

    Shtark – Strong (Yiddish)

    Shtender – Narrow, high desk traditionally used for Torah study (Yiddish)

    Shtetl – Village (Yiddish)

    Shtickel – Piece (Yiddish)

    Shul – Synagogue (Yiddish)

    Shver – Father-in-law (Yiddish)

    Siman – Sign (Hebrew)

    Simcha – Joy (Hebrew)

    Simchas Torah – Festival of Rejoicing with the Torah (Hebrew)

    Stam – Inconsequential  (Hebrew)

    Succos – Festival of Booths (Hebrew)

    Sufya – Storm (Hebrew)

    Sugya - Subject matter (Hebrew)

    Tachanun – Prayer of  beseechment recited after the morning and afternoon prayers

    Taitch – Definition (Yiddish)

    Takkeh – Indeed (Yiddish)

    Tallis – Prayer shawl (Hebrew)

    Talmid(im) – Yeshiva student(s) (Hebrew)

    Talmid Chacham (pl. Talmidei Chachamim) – Torah Scholar(s) (Hebrew)

    Talmud Torah – Torah study (Hebrew)

    Tanach – Abb. For Torah, Neviim (Prophets) and Kesuvim (Scriptures) (Hebrew)

    Tashlich – Prayer recited on the first day of Rosh Hashana at a waterbed (Hebrew)

    Tefillin – Phylacteries (Hebrew)

    Tehillim - Psalms (Hebrew)

    Tekifos – Force (Hebrew)

    Tekufa(s) – Time period(s) (Hebrew)

    Teretz – Answer (Hebrew)

    Tevuna – Understanding (Hebrew)

    Tichel – Hair covering  (Yiddish)

    Tircha (pl. Tirchos) – Efforts (Hebrew)

    Tirda (p. Tirdos) – Burdens (Hebrew)

    Tish – Table (Yiddish)

    Tisha B’Av – Fast day on the 10th day of the month of Av (Hebrew)

    Toiva – Favor (Hebrew)

    Torah – The Pentateuch (Hebrew) How would you translate Torah? Its not only chumash?

    Tzadik HaDor – Righteous of the Generation (Hebrew)

    Tzavoah – Will (Hebrew)

    Tzeida L’Derech – Food to eat on the way (Hebrew)

    Tzedaka – Charity (Hebrew)

    Tzibur – Congregation (Hebrew)

    Tzidkus – Righteousness (Hebrew)

    Tzimtzum – Thrift (Hebrew)

    Tzoorah – Gestalt, total form, paradigm (Hebrew)

    Tzorech (pl. Tzorchei) – Need(s) (Hebrew)

    Tzrachim – Needs (Hebrew)

    Vaichkait – Tenderness (Yiddish)

    Vaiter – Further (Yiddish)

    Vildkeit – Wildness (Yiddish)

    Velt – World (Yiddish)

    Vort – (n) Engagement  (v) anecdote (Yiddish)

    Yachas – Pay attention to, relationship (Hebrew)

    Yachid – Individual (Hebrew)

    Yam – Sea (Hebrew)

    Yarzeit – Day of memorial for a deceased person (Yiddish)

    Yasher Koach – Thank you (Hebrew)

    Yasom – Orphan (Hebrew)

    Yechezkel – Ezekiel (Hebrew)

    Yechidim – Individuals (Hebrew)

    Yekkeshe – Of German Jewish descent (Yiddish/German)

    Yerushalayim – Jerusalem (Hebrew)

    Yeshiva – Talmudical Institute (Hebrew)

    Yeshiva Ketana – Jewish Elementary School (Hebrew)

    Yeshivaleit – Yeshiva members (Yiddish)

    Yeshivishe – Yeshiva oriented (Yiddish/Hebrew)

    Yesod – Basis (Hebrew)

    Yesodos – Fundamentals (Hebrew)

    Yevomos – Tractate in the Gemara (Hebrew)

    Yid(din) – Jew(s) (Yiddish)

    Yiddishkeit – Jewishness (Yiddish)

    Yimach Sh’mo – May his name be eradicated (Hebrew)

    Yingel – Son (Yiddish)

    Yirah – Fear (Hebrew)

    Yiras HaKavod – Fear of respect (Hebrew)

    Yiras Shomayim – Fear of G-d

    Yom HaDin – Day of Judgment (Hebrew)

    Yom HaZikaron – Day of memorial for a deceased person (Hebrew)

    Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement (Hebrew)

    Yomim Noraim – High Holy Days (Hebrew)

    Yotzros – Prayers recited for each day of the week (Hebrew)

    Yungerman(s.) Yungerleit (pl.) – Young, married man/men  (Yiddish)

    Zach – Thing (Yiddish)

    Zachkeit – Purity (Yiddish)

    Zaken – Elderly man (Hebrew)

    Zchus – Merit (Hebrew)

    Zemiros – Sabbath Lyrics (Hebrew)

    Zichrono L’vracha – May his memory be blessed (Hebrew)

    Zman – Semester (Hebrew)

    Zt”l – Abb. Zecher Tzaddik Levracha - May the memory of the Righteous be Blessed (Hebrew)


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